Virtual Reality is here!

Spinattic is very excited to announce the release of the VR feature.
Try it out now with a Google Cardboard or a VR Headset. There are two ways to experience Spinattic Tours in VR mode:

  • Open your tours with the “Customizer” tour editor and add the new “WebVR” Skill under the Skin editor. This will show a Headset icon in the tour that will open the VR mode.
  • Or enter by URL: just add ?vr at the tour URL.
    For example, this tour from goes directly to VR mode if you enter like this:

Virtual Reality is exploding and will become the way of the future. Exploring the three dimensional world of virtual reality will simply allow users to immerse themselves into this make believe world as the real world. The element of interaction is of utmost importance to make the user really feel free to

get involved with the virtual environment. Communication as we know it today is changing, how we meet people is no longer based on location but rather virtual reality experiences, the web and through social Media.

Virtual reality provides a sense of immersion that is typically not there when viewing content on a traditional 2-D screen. A feeling that you are there, are in control of what you are looking at, as well as having the opportunity to see things without having to be there.
Industrial businesses are utilizing VR for training modules, tourism is exploding with VR, particularly for the disabled who unable to travel the world, medical analysis will be more complete with virtual reality with less risk, and the gaming and recreation industry will exceed the expectations of their users.

vr cardboard If you have not had the opportunity to tryout a headset to view these tours, they can be ordered on line. Spinattic hopes to soon have cardboards as well in our shopping cart, being released soon with our “Advanced User” accounts.

Please contact our team with questions about this or other features… [email protected]

Thank you and Enjoy!


  1. zeljko   •  

    I was wondering when this feature will be online!

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