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About Spinattic

Our Story

Spinattic was born out of the culmination of 2 companies built on manually designing and programming custom virtual tours. Virtual Media 360 and Ciudad Esferica together created an estimated 100 custom virtual tours for various clients and panoramic photographers in the virtual reality industry. We quickly found ourselves only serving clients with bigger budgets that would be able to pay for the long laborious hours designing and programming the tour's interfaces. Both Virtual Media 360 and Ciudad Esferica wants, and still does to this day maintain a high standard of excellence in their virtual tours. Higher quality is synonymous with longer hours and higher costs, which drives prices for our services up and shrinks our market size.

Spinattic is a solution that makes it possible to create quality, robust 360 based virtual tours, with interfaces that can be customized easily by the photographer. Most photographers are not programmers, and if you happen to be a talented photographer and programmer then you are most likely lacking in the area of design. Or maybe you are a photographer with a knack for design, but not programming. This is where Spinattic comes in. Spinattic recognizes that there are many great cameras, techniques with various quality levels and concepts that photographers can choose from to create their images. Your photographic work is your masterpiece, it should be paired with good design and a flexible customizable interface that matches the quality of your imagery.

Spinattic Co-Founders

Derrick Clark - President and Co-Founder

Derrick has been working in the virtual reality industry for over 5 years photographing and programming virtual tours with Virtual Media 360. Previous to getting started in the virtual reality industry, Derrick was a commercial photographer working in the NYC and Albany NY area. Derrick has a Bachelors degree from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Ariel Micheletti - Vice President of Technology and Co-Founder

Ariel has been working in the virtual reality industry for over 7 years photographing, designing and programming virtual tours. Ariel has made a solid reputation for himself and his company Ciudad Esferica by mastering krpano technology and brilliantly designing user experience for the virtual tours he creates. Ariel is a graduate of the of ISETXVII Rosario in Argentina.

Rebecca Smith - Vice President of Finance and Co-Founder

Becky has been working in the virtual reality industry for over 6 years as President and Partner with Virtual Media 360, a creative agency that created custom 360 virtual tours. Becky has an extensive background in business working her way up to a VP level at Namic and Pfizer corporations. Becky has a Bachelors degree from Skidmore College.

Our team

It's important for us to let our members and future members know that we are passionate about the virtual reality business and are planning on continuing development for as far as we can possibly see. We have our experience in the industry and feel we have earned our stripes. We are not just a few entrepreneurs jumping on the recent hype surrounding virtual reality. We are here to stay, and we are here to play a meaningful part in the panoramic industry and helpful to you and your businesses. We will be transparent and supportive. Our business experience has taught us that responsive support and honesty is really the only way to build an organically successful business.

What are your expectations for Spinattic and our team?

Now that you know a little more about Spinattic and the team behind it, please tell us more about yourselves. What would you like to see from Spinattic? What products and features will help you save time and money? What will make your life and brand more successful? We won't last long unless we listen and deliver on those topics. Please use the feedback tab located on the right hand side of the screen (desktop only) to give us your comments and feedback.

Thank you for reading our story.