First Look at Spinattic’s Customizer for 360° Virtual Tours

The Customizer is almost here! We wanted to give you a preview of the new features that’ll be included with the launch of the new version. Spinattic’s Customizer is an online platform that allows users to create 360° panoramic tours easily and without needing to code. The Customizer is focused on the creation of the virtual tour’s interface, or theme, or skin. Your panoramas are amazing, and the interface should be amazing as well. We wanted to give the user the power to customize as much as possible. Hopefully this is a great start to providing a powerful virtual tour software for virtual reality photographers.

Here is a quick teaser video:

Here is a more detailed rundown of all of the added features.

Hotspot Types:

  1. Youtube Video hotspot type added. Add any Youtube video link into your virtual tour with a hotspot.
  2. External hyperlink hotspot type added. Add any 3rd party webpage hyperlink as a hotspot in your virtual tour.


Custom Hotspots with Image Sprites:

  1. Upload png and jpg graphic files from your computer to create a truly custom hotspot. Now supported are “up, over, down” cursor parameters. This means that the hotspot can be customized to change as the cursor interacts with the hotspot.
Image Sprite Editor

The Image Sprite editor allows you to create a truly custom hotspot in your 360 panorama.


Adjust Startup View’s FoV: Now Spinattic’s users can choose to open the panorama at any FoV. The user can also decide the maximum and minimum FoV.


Support for Geo Tagged Panorama’s: Have you geo tagged your panoramas? If so, you won’t have to find the pano’s location on the map anymore!


Searching For Your Virtual Tour’s Location on the World Map: If you don’t geo tag your panoramas, then you can use the location search bar, or just skip the map altogether. You can also opt to plot all scenes individually to the map.

Search the tour and individual pano's location

A screengrab that shows the field where the 360 panorama is displayed on the world map.


Friendly and Unique URLs for each scene: Custom URLs are cooler and beautiful and are SEO rockstars. Have control over your tour and individual panorama’s URL.

A screengrab that shows the field where you can change the friendly url of the virtual tour


Custom Mouse Settings (drag cursor added): We heard you loud and clear. Now everyone can choose which type of cursor setting they want. “Push” or “Drag”. Drag cursor is like Google’s Streetview cursor behavior. Also added are these settings.

  1. Zoom to cursor
  2. Zoom out cursor
  3. Mouse accelerate
  4. Mouse Speed
  5. Mouse friction
  6. Mouse fov change
  7. FoV speed
  8. FoV friction
Screengrab of the settings for a virtual tour.

Screengrab of the settings for a virtual tour.


Adjust Autorotate Settings: Adjust any and all aspects of autorotational settings in a 360° virtual tour.

  1. Enable Autorotate Settings
  2. Wait time
  3. Acceleration
  4. Speed
  5. Move to Horizon
  6. Move to Fov
Adjust the autorotate settings in this menu for your virtual tour.

Adjust the autorotate settings in this menu for your virtual tour.


Control Panel Customization: The Control Panel buttons are the buttons that allow the viewer to zoom in and zoom out, go fullscreen and turn the autorotate settings off. Again, the creativity is left for you! You can customize almost everything about this panel. Here are more specs.

  1. Layout (sliced or unified). See the buttons as individual buttons or part of a unified panel. 
  2. Position on the screen. 6 Positions to choose from. 
  3. Orientation. Vertical or Horizontal
  4. X and Y offset
  5. Change the order of the buttons
  6. Change icon style
  7. Button width, height, rounded edges and margin
  8. Change background color and transparency
  9. Change border width, color and transparency
  10. and more…
Allows you to customize the control buttons on a 360° virtual tour.

Allows you to customize the control buttons on a 360° virtual tour.


Customize the Thumbnail Menu: Customize pretty much everything about the thumbnail menu. Here are the details…

  1. Align Left, Center or Right on the screen
  2. Set Width with % or px
  3. Change Background Color, Alpha
  4. Set Background Border color, Width and Alpha
  5. Customize Thumb Border, Thumb Border Padding and Thumb Border Round Edge
  6. Set Thumb Size, Padding and Offset
  7. Scene title Font Family, Font Weight, Color, Padding and Alignment
customize the thumbnail menu panel in your 360° virtual tour.

customize the thumbnail menu panel in your 360° virtual tour.


Edit the Avatar, Tour Title and Scene Name Panel: Edit most everything about the avatar panel in your virtual tour. Change widths, margin, avatar alignment, text align, text color etc.


Add Your Own Logo: That’s right, add your logo or any other graphic you desire.

  1. Set Position, Link destination and margins. 
add a logo to your 360° virtual tour.

Add a logo to your 360° virtual tour.


Customize the Scene Loading Bar: A custom loading bar will do wonders when telling viewers that this is your creation, or your client’s.


Upload Your Own Tour Cover Image: Entice people to click on your tour when sharing on social media or just on Spinattic’s Explore page. This is the same thumbnail image that will show up on popular social network’s post layout. Take advantage of this great customization.

Change the tour cover image in Spinattic to get the best social share engagement.

Change the tour cover image in Spinattic to get the best social share engagement.


There’s more, but you’ll have to check it out for yourself.





  1. Stan Hillhouse   •  

    Great marketing campaign. I did not have the chance to fully view all your videos, by I think it’s going to be extremely critical that you allow us “end users” know the cost, and allow us to see the step-by-step tutorials so that we find out if were able to learn your product!!!!!

    • Spinattic   •     Author

      Hi Stan. Thanks for your feedback.

      Looking forward, we plan on releasing at least 90% – 95% of the features you see in the video and blog post for free. In the future, we plan on adding paid features in 2 more membership tiers called “Basic” and “Pro”. These membership tiers will be ~$50/year and ~$190/year.

      We are creating tutorial videos for all the customizer features. We also recently launched a forum to help with support issues and other topics.

      Thanks again for your feedback.

  2. Tev Lee   •  

    Is there a way to change the direction of the spin?

    • Spinattic   •     Author

      In this upcoming version, no. But thanks for the idea. 🙂

    • Spinattic   •     Author

      I’m sorry. My mistake, there is a way to change the direction of the spinning. I forgot that there is a field where a negative number can be used and that will change the direction. 🙂

  3. Radu   •  

    Will be an online app or download?

  4. Andy B.   •  

    It would be great if you could also pull the view direction from the file (as you’re planning to grab the location anyway), to orient the pano; and given that you now know the locations and orientations to offer an ability to auto-create forward and back hotspots between nearest neighbor panos.

    • Spinattic   •     Author

      Interesting. That would certainly save people a lot of time if they have many panos in a tour.

  5. Lee Hawkins   •  

    This looks awesome! I’m looking forward to digging into it 😀

  6. Andreas   •  

    you know now, when its finish?

  7. Mark Mahar   •  

    Hey, Looks great, the sooner you get this going the sooner you’ll start making $$$ from all of us looking for a great way to market our panos and VTs! Bring it!

    • Spinattic   •     Author

      Hi Mark. Thanks for the enthusiasm. I can’t express how badly we want this customizer up too! Development is done and complete. We’re basically working on logistics, testing and migration. So, in other words… coming very very very soon.

  8. MattT   •  

    These are spot on, a great update that really makes this a go-too tool now. Your efforts are appreciated!!!

    Have you considered the ability to
    1) add lens-flare
    2) embed audio (and/or have it selectable) go into sons room and hear his music. Hear the stream at the bottom of the garden…
    3) invisible hotspots (mapped areas)… so not to clutter a sphere with too many icons….

    • MattT   •  

      Sorry one more for the wishlist whilst I’m at it…

      4) option to add a plan e.g. of a house/map… to link images/spheres. A split screen or pop up from a plan icon.

      • Spinattic   •     Author

        Yes, Floorplans will be a feature in a near release. It’ll be included as a “skill”

    • Spinattic   •     Author

      Hi Matt, Thank you for your comments!
      Yes, some of these are planned for future improvements.
      The great thing of this “Customizer” is very flexible to add more and more features. We are open to listed to all the features you’d love to have in a tool like this and we’ll do our best to include them.

  9. Ted   •  

    My tours are no longer viewable on a mobile browser. I keep getting a message saying the tour needs to be created on a desktop or laptop (which it has). I’ve gone back into my original tours and changed a few settings and redeployed the published version, but still no luck.

    Any tips on getting this to show on mobile browsers again?

    • Spinattic   •     Author

      Hi Ted… I’m sorry we missed this comment in our blog. I just found it was not replied. There was a bug that caused an error like what you described. It was fixed long time ago. Please let us know if you are still experiencing this issue. Thanks!!!

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