5 Steps to photographing a 360 Panorama without a tripod or pano head

Sometimes you don’t really want to haul around your tripod and a panoramic head. This is especially is true if you are sightseeing and just want to quickly and painlessly take 360 panoramas.  In this video blog I go over how to photograph an HDR 360 panorama and indoors no less.

You may or may not know that in most places in Manhattan NYC, you must have a permit to use a tripod when photographing. Wahhht? Yeah, and it’s heavily enforced, which makes shooting on the streets a semi pain. You should have this skill in your 360 photography arsenal even though you may not want to bust it out in every situation. It’s more of a risk vs reward situation. If you have the time, patience and physical stamina, always opt for the using the tripod.

So here it is, our twist on the string tied around the lens trick that will band-aid your lack of proper equipment. In a nutshell, we suggest you stand on the string to make a tight connection and pull up on the camera and lens. This makes it less likely to move the camera between photos. Give our video a watch and like it, subscribe to our channel and most importantly use Spinattic to create many 360 virtual tours, customize them easily and share them with your friends and clients.

1. Find a string or ribbon. (It should be about shoulder height length.)

2. Tie 1 end around your camera lens. 

3. Tie the bottom end around something you can step on.

4. Put tension upwards on the camera so the string goes taut. 

5. Be sure the camera is in portrait orientation and try to keep the camera in 1 point in space for all shots. 

Have fun and practice. 

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