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Nodal Ninja's Ultimate R1 Panohead Mount is Spinattic's Favored Panohead.

It's no secret which panohead mount Spinattic clearly favors, and for good reason. From our experience, we believe that Nodal Ninja's R1 is the best panohead for pano photographers especially those just starting on their path to creating great panos. 


Nodal Ninja Ultimate R1 Adjustable Tilt Ring Mount Package (F6120) Ultimate R1


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The Ultimate R1 is an adjustable tilt ring mount style panoramic tripod head.  Primarily used for creating single row panoramas using super wide angle fisheye lenses from 7.5mm to 16mm. The R1 pano head incorporates a unique cantilever tilting option allowing user to shoot at various tilt angles. The Advanced RD5 Base Rotator allows user to set the desired number of click stops to shoot a full 360 degree panorama.  For example one of the most widely used workflows when using the Sigma 8mm lens would be to shoot 4 shots around at 90 degree intervals with 7.5 degree tilt up.  The tilting up actually catches the full zenith (no separate up shot needed) while leaving a very small nadir (footprint).

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