Spinattic announces an alliance with Nodal Ninja with a discount Coupon Code

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After researching the best panoramic photographic equipment and brands, our attention turned to Bill Bailey, CEO of Nodal Ninja. Mr Bailey not only taught us more about the great products offered to the panoramic world, but we were taken with Nodal Ninja’s dedication and development for the future of Virtual Reality.

Our team at Spinattic is committed and passionate in the work we do for the development of our web app in support of the growing virtual reality market.  We believe that the best equipment, along with a superior web app, provides panoramic photographers with what they need to create professional virtual tours, show their work and build their businesses.

Nodal Ninja is backed by an astonishing list of industry supporters… to name a few: NASA, Google, Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, media and production companies, engineering, survey & architectural firms, governmental agencies, law enforcement, forensics, museums, parks and not to mention amateurs, hobbyists and professional photographers as well, trust in Nodal Ninja.

Spinattic is celebrating this new alliance with Nodal Ninja and we’re proud to offer a 10% discount off of Nodal Ninja products (email [email protected] for a 10% coupon). If you are interested in expanding your equipment, learning more about panoramic photography or interested in changing to a provider of panoramic equipment that has captured the trust of photographers in the panoramic industry… take advantage of this incredible savings opportunity.

Best to all of the panoramic photographers out there! Contact us with any questions or any feedback that will help the development of Virtual Reality.

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