Secure Site. Now spinattic runs on HTTPS to protect your privacy.

S for Spinattic, S for Secure. HTTPS protects you!

Ever since the advent of the Internet and World Wide Web, HTTP has been an integral part of the URL to find a website. The HyperText Transfer Protocol is a web standard or protocol for the transmission of information over the internet. However, since it entails transmitting information, there is an inherent risk of the data getting compromised.

HTTPS – a secured connection used by Spinattic

HTTPS is the next step in the HTTP standard that combines HTTP with SSL/TLS certificates. SSL/TLS ensure that the connection remains secured and protected from any intrusion in your privacy. Spinattic ensures that it is protected by the HTTPS standard so that any information that you share with the website is transferred and stored in an encrypted manner on the server of Spinattic.

HTTPS on Spinattic will ensure that your passwords and other sensitive information such as the credit card details remain secure. It will be highly useful for the upcoming paid accounts. Although a large percentage of the websites use HTTP, it will soon be completely replaced by the advanced HTTPS. Businesses such as Spinattic that are careful about preserving the integrity of their users’ data have already migrated to HTTPS.

Useful tip:

The importance of efficiency of HTTPS can be gauged from the fact that a collaborative project named “Let’s Encrypt” from Linux Foundation offers open and automated SSL/TLS certificates free of cost. These certificates are essential for implementing and using HTTPS protocol.

HTTPS is the future of the internet protocol, and Spinattic has been proactive in implementing it right now!

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