Inside a camera obscura room in 360° – Photo Challenge

It’s good to have fun!

Have you ever created a walk-in camera obscura room in your house? I re-created an old college project and found myself having more fun then anything. If you are not sure what I’m talking about skip to the virtual tour I created. It literally shows you exactly what a camera obscura is and you can probably get an idea as to how it’s made. It’s easy, and won’t cost you anything.

I like this project because it teaches a fun lesson about photo basics and a cool characteristic of light. It never gets old seeing your walls light up displaying the scene that is just outside of your window.

Here is my camera obscura room 360

This is how I made it: 

1. Choose a room with preferably 1 window and light walls. It’s not a must for either, but it’ll make it easier to create. You will however need at least 1 window. White walls help the image to show up better.

2. Block out all light in the room. This includes from the window/s and any doors. The darker the better. It’s probably easiest to use black paper. This way you can cut the paper to your desired dimensions.

3. Make a small hole in the black paper.that you’ve used to cover the window light. The hoel should be no bigger than a dime. It can be as small as a hole punch.

4. Turn off the lights and enjoy! Depending on the size of your hole, the light outside, and the color of your walls, the image may take a few minutes to appear. Be patient, it’s worth it.

Give it a shot and send us your camera obscura 360s. This is not an official contest and there really are no winners or losers. We’ll post all of the related tours to our social accounts and give you the Spinattic kudos. Email the url to [email protected] to make sure we get it. 🙂



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